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For the project we intend to purchase more land  for construction of residential units. ( Society has achieved its goal to purchase the 13.9 acres of Land as decided by the General Body Meeting held on 01.06.2013).This will not only ease the burden of land cost but also substantially reduce the cost of construction as well as more number of members shall be sharing the costs of common areas utilities like lifts, generators etc.

Membership Charges

Membership Money Rs.10,000/-


Annual Subscription

Rs.15,000/- per year

Monthly contribution


Construction cost
Cost of construction will be decided after approval of FAR & consultation of Architect. The Bye-laws and Norms of Master Plan 2021 will be followed for the Design & Construction.

Projected plan for execution of the Project-
It is evident and reiterated that the total time frame for completion  is pegged at 5-6 years, out of which the initial period of two years will be utilized for development of land procured & thereafter, the construction period of the flats etc, is pegged at 3-5 years. However, this period shall commence from actual date of possession of land and not from date of registration of the Society.

As per the approved Bye-laws of the Society, in order to save time and complete the project well within the stipulated period the Society will immediately commence action for procuring land by seeking land cost from the members. Members fail to deposit the demanded amount an interest @ 18% annual shall be charged for delayed period.

We again extend our hearty congratulations to all the members and hope that with your whole hearted support & cooperation we will be able to execute the project on time and keep the cost escalation, if any, within bearable limits. Your cooperation in tendering your dues on time will be of immense help as in any Cooperative Society, the back bone are its members and in case of default by even one member, has a cascading effect on the financial health of the entire Society, It is therefore, appealed that the members may strictly abide by the payment schedule that shall be drawn up and Intimated to avoid payment of penalties etc. as per the bye-laws of the Society.

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Home Multi State Co-Operative Housing Society Limited. Has purchased land to build Flat. The Delhi/NCR based Registered Architects/ Builders are invited for the above projects as per MPD_2021.
Interested Partiesmay kindly submit there detailed Proposal, If any to the society Office at 16-A North Block, New-Delhi 110001 with in 45 Days

Satish Kr Aggarwal
+91 9953519091

We express our hearty congratulations to all the members that with your whole hearted support & Cooperation, Society has been registered in its new name Home Multi-State Cooperative Housing Society Ltd. on 22nd April 2013 under Multi-State Co-operative Societies Act, 2002 vide Registration No. MSCS /CR/814 /2013. For more info go to News & Highlights Section