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The following are the objectives and functions of the Society:-

a) Promote Social and economic betterment of Members through self help and mutual aid in accordance with Co-operative principles     specified in the First Schedule of the MSCS Act,        

b)  Issue of Shares to the members.

c)  Raise funds from members for purchase of land and construction of flats for the members of the Society.

d) To purchase on ownership basis/lease hold basis land and or build up structures completely or in any other way for the purpose of providing flats to its members and to provide areas for common facilities including Parking Space, Sports Complex, Health Club, Community Centre,  and other facilities, amenities for its members including all other related purposes on no profit no loss basis.  

e) To look after the welfare of its members and their family members and all activities incidental to such welfare.

In furtherance of the above objects the Society shall be at liberty-

a)To receive money from members for purchase of land or construction of flats or for development of common facilities including club house, parking space, sports complex, health club, community centre, auditorium or any other facilities, amenities for the members of the society.

b) To Purchase, take on lease or in exchange or acquire lands, buildings or any movable or immovable property necessary for the business of the Society; and

c) Generally to do all such other things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of its objects.

 Home Multi-State Cooperative Housing Society Ltd. is a Cooperative institution which has been promoted to help its members in fulfillment of their diverse needs. In other words, it has been formed to undertake social development.

Society has purchased  13.9 Acres of land from the land lord under notified Zone N for the purpose. 


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Home Multi State Co-Operative Housing Society Limited. Has purchased land to build Flat. The Delhi/NCR based Registered Architects/ Builders are invited for the above projects as per MPD_2021.
Interested Partiesmay kindly submit there detailed Proposal, If any to the society Office at 16-A North Block, New-Delhi 110001 with in 45 Days

Satish Kr Aggarwal
+91 9953519091

We express our hearty congratulations to all the members that with your whole hearted support & Cooperation, Society has been registered in its new name Home Multi-State Cooperative Housing Society Ltd. on 22nd April 2013 under Multi-State Co-operative Societies Act, 2002 vide Registration No. MSCS /CR/814 /2013. For more info go to News & Highlights Section