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Home Multi State Co-operative Housing Society Ltd is  registered with one of our aim being to provide low cost housing to our members. 
The society has already purchased 13.9 Acres of land situated in new DDA Zonal Plan “N” for construction of flats to the members. The Zonal Plan has already been notified by the Central Government under Section 9 (2) of Delhi Development Act, 1957 vide letter no. K-12011/23/2009-DDIB dated 08.03.2010. 

Expansion of Land size in New DDA Zonal Plan Zone “N” in North West Delhi

Keeping in view of the huge response the Society has decided to purchase some more land in this zone. Now we would like to draw your attention to the next aspect of this project i.e. procurement of 4 Acre more land. ( Society has achieved its goal to purchase the 13.9 acres of Land as decided by the General Body Meeting held on 01.06.2013).We had already informed you about the availability of land as per master plan for Delhi-2021 for which zonal plan Zone “N” has been notified by DDA & schematic map of the notified plan are enclosed indicating the location of plot. The land has been procured in DDA new zonal plane Zone “N” in situated in Northern part of Delhi. This area is being developed in lines of Dwarka sub-city with the yellow shaded areas earmarked for super tall buildings (to be acquired on free hold basis) and areas marked in blue are earmarked for Government Institutions. I will like to draw your attention to the areas marked in blue earmarked for Government allocated land has been specifically earmarked for construction of the many projects .The remaining areas which are marked in red are for Commercial activities like Malls, Theatres, Shopping complexes, District Centers etc. The areas earmarked in green are to be developed as forest/gardens etc. However, the Society has procured land situated in Zone N, since this area is next to the proposed Metro Rail Line. You will all be aware that the procurement prices as fixed by the Government of NCT of Delhi for land to be acquired by the Government now stand at a whopping Rs.53.00 lakh per acre which is going to be increased 1.8 Cr per acre. Since these are Government notified rates for acquisition, the actual land rates offered after development are much higher and therefore, the market equation has shifted towards even higher Prices However, due to increase in the CRR for Banks, resulting in higher rates at which loans are available has made the market stable and therefore, this has been the opportune moment for the Society and has struck a bargain for acquiring land for its members. Accordingly, we are contemplating to acquire about more 4  acres of prime land under MDP 2021 DDA Zonal Plan  N  and the members will be invited to inspect the site. Hence, you are hereby requested to tender the initial cost for land money. After receipt of the land money coupled with your option form – the remainder amount of land money (at projected rate of FAR development given herein below @ Rs.1000/-per square feet including land registration & development) the following category wise tentative land cost shall be as:

S. No. Category of Flats Super Area of Flat Land Cost



1600 Sq. feet

Rs. 17,50,000



1200 Sq. feet   

Rs. 13,50,000

** Category of flats shall be decided after receiving of sufficient numbers of booking of flats in specific categories.

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Home Multi State Co-Operative Housing Society Limited. Has purchased land to build Flat. The Delhi/NCR based Registered Architects/ Builders are invited for the above projects as per MPD_2021.
Interested Partiesmay kindly submit there detailed Proposal, If any to the society Office at 16-A North Block, New-Delhi 110001 with in 45 Days

Satish Kr Aggarwal
+91 9953519091

We express our hearty congratulations to all the members that with your whole hearted support & Cooperation, Society has been registered in its new name Home Multi-State Cooperative Housing Society Ltd. on 22nd April 2013 under Multi-State Co-operative Societies Act, 2002 vide Registration No. MSCS /CR/814 /2013. For more info go to News & Highlights Section